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Read all About it, News Flash! 

We launched a new site today. Read all the latest diamond news, trends and education on our new blog www.diamondinvestmentsuk.co.uk “helping you stay informed”. Discover facts about the markets, auctions, price transparency and lots more useful information for the savvy diamond consumer!  #BeDifferentBeRare

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Investing in Fancy Colour Diamonds could be a Safe Option, Producing High Yields

Click on our infographic to learn about the price performance, trends and how the rarest Diamonds, namely Arygle Diamonds, have outperformed any other precious stone in history, due to the Argyle mine nearing closure, they have become even rarer to find. This just could be the safest investment option around.

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Argyle Diamonds Represent the World’s Most Beautiful & Most Sought After Coloured Gems

Seen as the most robust investments you can make, Argyle Diamonds have doubled in price every 5 years and have never gone down! Your greatest task is finding them as they are so rare that waiting lists are present for many. Browse our extensive stock today!

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Diamond Education from the Experts

Learn the facts in a clear and balanced way to enable you to receive an unbiased view of the diamond market. Read all about the 4C’s and more. Sign up to our exclusive newsletter for a free downloadable report, along with news and special invitations and promotions before the public.

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